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After being in the U.S. Marine Corps, and then completing several tours abroad as a Diplomatic Security Agent with the Foreign Service, Corey Crane left the FS for a desk job with another federal government agency. That desk job wasn’t particularly fulfilling, especially after tours overseas in Iraq and New Zealand, so Corey started thinking up ideas for small businesses in his spare time. Although no one in his family had a business or was an entrepreneur, Corey launched his first online business with just a few hours a week and a website, and an entrepreneur was born.

That initial, small success with his first online business led him to found a skip tracing business, a real estate wholesaling business, and a background check company. Corey also used funds from the sale of a home he and his wife owned to purchase and found several locations of a gourmet popsicle franchise, which exist to this day.

In this interview, Corey discusses:

  • Following your intuition and ideas to discover opportunities with just a few hours a week
  • How to use your existing skills and knowledge to create a side business
  • How to be successful in many different industries
  • How to purchase, set-up, and successfully run a franchise
  • The importance of mentors and partnerships
  • Free resources everyone can use to build a company

…and so much more!

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers