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Ajani Husbands was a seasoned FSO when he went on leave without pay to attend law school and pursue a career in corporate law. During several grueling years in corporate law, during which he officially resigned from the FS, Ajani decided to launch a beverage brand based on his mothers signature rum punch recipe. He experimented with different flavor profiles and, after moving overseas with his FS spouse, he re-branded his punch in order to launch his new beverage brand in South Africa.

Hear Ajani explain:

  • Leaving the Foreign Service and transitioning into corporate America and entrepreneurship
  • How he turned a family rum punch recipe into a high end beverage that he launched on the South African market
  • The importance of market research and partnering with experts in design, branding, and manufacturing to launch a product in a foreign country
  • Determining product pricing and design and building brand awareness

…and so much more! 

You can learn more about Ajani’s signature rum punch at

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers