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Vacation rentals, multi-family properties and househacking: Stephen Marquette has tried a variety of real estate investments over twenty years of overseas and domestic assignments. From purchasing his first condo to partnering up with a FS colleague and learning the power of a team, Stephen has gained a wealth of experience along his investing journey. Building a strong local network, leveraging partnerships, and continually educating himself and adjusting his strategy has helped him and his partners build a portfolio of 27 units in 3 states.

Learn from Stephen: 

  • How to utilize your primary residence as an investment property through house hacking
  • The benefit of partnerships to mitigate risks and grow your portfolio faster
  • The importance of keeping accurate and clean records of your investments and expenses
  • How real estate fits into his diverse investment strategy

…and so much more! 

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers