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Time to meet the host!  In this episode, Tanya Salseth shares how she went from working for the U.S. government to full-time real estate investor and agent serving the diplomatic community.  Investing in real estate isn’t always pretty and can be scary, but once you learn the market and how to make the numbers work, the money will start to work for you. Tanya now owns 20 doors across the DC area, is a team lead for a real estate group of five agents, and isn’t done yet.  Stay tuned for part II to see what Tanya has in store next!

Hear Tanya discuss:

  • Buying her first property while overseas
  • Leaving the Foreign Service
  • Selling 6-7 homes from abroad
  • The joys of being a self-managing landlord
  • Renting vs buying in the DC area

…and so much more! 

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers