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Tania Teschke is a writer and photographer whose passion for French food and wine led her on a fantastic and unexpected journey. Tania has learned from a variety of French winemakers, home cooks, butchers, and chefs while exploring the health benefits of an ancestral approach to food and lifestyle. Listen in to learn about Tania’s unique experiences abroad and how she made the most of the opportunities she discovered overseas!

Hear Tania discuss:

  • The many cultures, traditions, and countries she’s explored since her first tour in 2002
  • How her cookbook and natural products reflect her many experiences abroad
  • The various benefits of traditional cooking and an ancestral health approach

…and so much more!

Make sure to keep up with Tania’s work on her website:! Here you can find her wonderful cookbook The Bordeaux Kitchen and information about her upcoming tours abroad. You can also find Tania’s great products on her Etsy store at

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers