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What do rising interest rates and skyrocketing rents mean for the housing market? Should you rent or should you buy? Having a good grasp on mortgage financials in a rising interest rate environment with inflationary pressures can often mean saving (or losing) thousands of dollars. Hear Loan Officer Liz Conrad break down how the larger economic picture matters when taking out a mortgage and how you can select the best type of mortgage for your situation, whether you’re a first time homebuyer or seasoned real estate investor.

Hear Liz discuss: 

  • how being a loan officer can be a great “portable” job for EFMs
  • how FS clients can close mortgage loans from overseas, even in remote areas with no internet (hint: it’s difficult, but not impossible)
  • what happens when a mortgage gets sold and where does it go?
  • differences between a primary, secondary and investment mortgage loan (and which types allow you to rent out your house and when!)
  • why interest rates are already going up in anticipation of the Fed’s interest rate increase and what this means for home buyers and renters

…and so much more!

Liz Conrad is a former EFM and Senior Loan Officer with George Mason Mortgage. Liz is licensed in 13 states to include MD, VA, DC, PA, DE, WV, KY, TN, OH, NC, SC, GA & FL and specializes in helping Foreign Service, DOD and Veteran Families to finance primary, second homes or investment properties while still living abroad. 

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers