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Time with family and friends is something you can never get enough of, but it is something Foreign Service employees struggle to find even during R&R.  Shopping, organizing, and handling the pack out for your consumables shipment is time consuming, draining, and not a favorable way to be spending your time in between PCSes.  The frustration Christine Lusk felt when she was spending time shopping and packing instead of seeing her family when she arrived in Falls Church led to the creation of DiploDash, a business specializing in PCS services for Foreign Service employees that provides consumables shipment and pack out assistance and care package delivery. 

In this interview, Christine shares: 

  • starting a small business despite doubts from your peers
  • how you can use the community you’re in to test demand for your business services
  • how starting a small business can shine a light on areas of personal growth and development
  • how to handle criticism as a business owner

…and so much more! 

You can see all the services that DiploDash offers on their website:

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers