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When Marcelle Yeager left behind a career she loved and found herself in Uzbekistan struggling to find work, she began reviewing the resumes of her friends and family and coaching them on job transitions. She found a niche in helping talented people transition into the job they wanted, not just the job that was the logical next step to a promotion in their current field. Seeing how much talent was in the Foreign Service EFM community overseas, she started Career Valet in 2012, with the idea of matching talented people to their ideal jobs. 

In this interview, Marcelle shares: 

  • How she went from giving free advice on resumes to turning it into a stream of income
  • Starting a business overseas in a pre-Zoom world
  • How to reflect on skills you’ve obtained from your current job to determine what you may be interested in pursuing for your next career

…and so much more! 

You can check out Career Valet here:

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers