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William Carrington is the owner of Carrington Financial Planning, a financial planning and wealth management firm that specializes in working with Foreign Service employees. Since founding his firm more than ten years ago, William has worked with more than 500 clients. He is a Certified Financial Planner, a Retirement Management Advisor, a NAPFA-Registered Advisor, and is a fee-only fiduciary. He was also an Eligible Family Member (EFM) for 24 years until his wife retired from the Department.

In this dynamite show, William covers a lot of retirement ground, debunking myths about how much money members of the Foreign Service actually need to retire well (hint: it’s likely less than you think!) 

Hear William discuss:

  • what amount of money Foreign Service Officers actually need to retire comfortably
  • why many FSOs should “live a little more” pre-retirement
  • why borrowing from your TSP can be a favorable money move
  • when you should hire a financial planner
  • why asset class selection can make or break your investment portfolio
  • why risk determines whether you have a lot of money (or not)
  • how Roth vs non-Roth portfolios compare
  • the “wait 24 hours” rule that takes the emotion out of investing
  • the role of real estate in an investment portfolio
  • succeeding as an EFM business owner overseas

…..and so much more!

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers