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Rachel Richards is a former financial advisor turned real estate investor and bestselling author of two books! Her passion for financial literacy stems not only from her experience as a financial advisor, but also as a witness to the lifestyle that comes with financial freedom. Rachel has sustained her incredible success as an investor by diversifying her income streams and sticking to the goal-oriented mindset she established from the very beginning of her journey. Her most recent book, Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement, details her secret to freedom, flexibility, and financial independence!

Hear Rachel discuss:

  • How she achieved financial freedom at the age of 27!
  • Her early experiences buying rental properties both in and out-of-state
  • How her first book came to fruition and the positive impact it has continued to provide
  • The many lessons she learned as an independent investor and property manager
  • Passive income opportunities that can be leveraged by anyone in today’s economy

…and so much more!

You can learn more about Rachel and her work on her website: If you are interested in reading any of her books, you can find them online here: Make sure to follow Rachel on social media as well (@moneyhoneyrachel) to keep up with her latest content!

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers