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Nate Carter returns to the Embassy Wealth podcast to discuss life one year after retiring from the Foreign Service at the young age of 50! While this might seem like an impossible feat, Nate successfully transitioned and has had an amazing first year post-FS: consulting for foreign governments, adding more investment properties to his portfolio, starting new business ventures, and – most importantly – finding more time to be with his family and enjoy all of his hobbies.  Proper planning by cutting expenses and putting money aside can lead to a successful retirement that can go the distance, even if you exercise that option at 50! 

Hear Nate discuss:

  • Leaving the Foreign Service after being overseas for nearly 20 years
  • Using your retirement as an open door for new opportunities
  • Leveraging your Foreign Service network post-retirement
  • What it feels like to not report to work every day or get a steady paycheck
  • Tips for how you can begin planning for your own successful retirement 

…and so much more! 

Check out Nate’s book “Become Loaded for Life: Financial Independence, Retiring Early, Maximizing Happiness” here:

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers