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Matt Shedd is former military and a retired Foreign Service Officer, now serving as a government contractor overseas.  He and his wife started their real estate investment portfolio by purchasing one new construction single family in Orlando, Florida in 2003, which they bought prior to moving to Sarajevo for their first overseas tour. Eighteen years later, they’ve grown their portfolio to multiple new construction multifamily properties and are looking forward to a retirement that’s “rich without a lot of risk.”

Matt’s real estate investing philosophy focuses on a “measured, conservative approach” — one which balances risks and prioritizes “being able to sleep at night” over bigger cash flow that riskier properties might offer.

In this interview, Matt talks about:

  • starting out with new construction single family homes and how his average tenant stayed 3-4 years
  • doing due diligence on turnkey companies and real estate markets
  • investing in Orlando, Ocala, and Jacksonville FL
  • why property management is a must when overseas
  • differences between single and multifamily properties

… and much more! Matt is a great example of how taking the first step is perhaps the toughest, but also the most important and empowering.  Take the leap!

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers