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With a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Nonfiction Writing from The New School in New York City and an interest in travel, Tim Tranchilla’s three year assignment in Tel Aviv inspired him to write his guidebook, the Bucket! Guide to the Holy Land: A DIY Travel Planner to Create a Bucket List-Filled Dream Trip to Israel, Jordan, Palestine, and the Egyptian Sinai.  Tim shares his journey of self-publishing and marketing his guidebook while living in a paperless, e-book world and the costs of being an independent author.  With several five star reviews, the Bucket! series is just getting started. 

Hear Tim discuss:

  • How he made time to work on his guidebook while working full-time
  • Whether you should self-publish or get a publisher
  • Why publishing a physical travel guide was a bold choice in a sea of e-books
  • The costs of publishing a book as an independent author

…and so much more! 

You can purchase your copy of Bucket! Guide to the Holy Land here:

Music: “Higher Up” by Shane Ivers